Bird feeder

Tuppence to feed the bird, in your dreams

Apparently there are 7.8 million pet birds in Australia, roughly one for every three humans.

After a $300 startup cost for the cage and accoutrements, the annual cost for your average parakeet will be close to $200 if it is healthy and does not need to see the vet.

Before it falls off the perch for the last time you will have forked out around $3,000 plus an hour or so a day of your time to stop the poor anuimal from going insane.

So tuppence in your dreams.

Paul Sorol

Hi, I'm Paul and I'm a chronicler.

I know it is a brave admission that is all thanks to the sayings and aphorisms of the Confused One. Bringing those slippery little suckers to you gives my life meaning.

Smile well, Paul

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