Do not covet

The evolution of the oldest profession

If you have internet there is no need to restrict yourself to your neighbors wife, for there are wives and milfs in every shape and size your delectation could ever take you, streamed in HD on your incognito tab.

There will forever be conjecture on the merits or otherwise of freely accesible pornography and I am not aware of how the Confused One thinks on this issue beyond the subtle hints like this one.

All we can say is that if Pompeii had brothels with pornography on its walls, images of sex are part of our existence.

Paul Sorol

Hi, I'm Paul and I'm a chronicler.

I know it is a brave admission that is all thanks to the sayings and aphorisms of the Confused One. Bringing those slippery little suckers to you gives my life meaning.

Smile well, Paul

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