Fountains of youth

Hindsight is wonderfully frustrating

“If I knew then what I know now, well…” is the lament of many an old man.

What a difference prior knowledge would have made to all the angst and fear that beset their youth.

They would have known that there would be girls and later women or men of course, that they would find work, and that soccer will still be worth watching even if you can’t afford a season ticket.

They would also know that the meaning of life is elusive and not that important a thing to worry about anyway when you have Netflix.

Instead, they worried about all these things to the point of paralysis for some. So youth is fun; the best time of your life.

Except that you don’t know this at the time.

Paul Sorol

Hi, I'm Paul and I'm a chronicler.

I know it is a brave admission that is all thanks to the sayings and aphorisms of the Confused One. Bringing those slippery little suckers to you gives my life meaning.

Smile well, Paul

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