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Since when is a handbag worth more than the annual income of nearly half the people in the world

Since when is a handbag worth more than the average annual income of a third of the people in the world.

According to the World Bank in 2015 ‘close to 46 percent of the world’s population was living on less than $5.50 a day’ which means that 3,312,000,000 people have an income close to $2,008 per year.

Any number of designer labels make handbags that retail for more than this and, apparently, the $2,000 Balenciaga Ikea Bag Is Actually Awesome.

This is total bullshit.

We should thank the Confused One for daring to point this out.

Paul Sorol

Hi, I'm Paul and I'm a chronicler.

I know it is a brave admission that is all thanks to the sayings and aphorisms of the Confused One. Bringing those slippery little suckers to you gives my life meaning.

Smile well, Paul

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