Seared steak

The smell of heaven and the gentle touch of the smoke through the food, oh my.

Have you ever cooked a scotch fillet over a flame or better the smokey wondrousness of the glowing coals from a mopane wood campfire?

You haven’t, well, my word, what a life-changing experience that will be for you when you do it.

The smell of heaven, the gentle touch of the smoke into the weave of your clothes and the anticipation, oh my, the anticipation of the taste that will stay with you forever.

Vegetarians beware for you will be sorely tested.

Paul Sorol

Hi, I'm Paul and I'm a chronicler.

I know it is a brave admission that is all thanks to the sayings and aphorisms of the Confused One. Bringing those slippery little suckers to you gives my life meaning.

Smile well, Paul

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