Category - The Brown Series

Confused Confucius has seen something of the soil and knows the taste and the smell as well as what people do with soil to feed and clothe and profit themselves and each other.

The Confused One has seen the insecurity and the sheer improbability of food supply chains and stared down over the edge of the cliff that is peak phosphorus.

Sayings in the brown are loosely about this exploitation of nature’s raw material by human hand and machine. They explore what it takes to feed everyone and still have some nutrients left in the earth.

The Brown Series comes out on a Thursday, the day of wood.

The coalman used to have a job

Coal fire

Back in the day my grandma used coal to heat her rather large detached house in the midlands of England. There was a coal bunker out the back that had a shute in the roof, just the right height for the coal truck that...

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